May 24, 2016

New Poll Shows 69% Of Florida Voters Support Medical Marijuana Initiative

May 24, 2016
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united for care florida amendment 2 medical marijuanaThis November Florida voters will see Amendment 2 on the ballot for the second straight election cycle. As in 2014, Amendment 2 would legalize medical marijuana in Florida. The 2014 effort was defeated by just two percentage points. This election cycle’s initiative has been tweaked and improved, and the campaign team is working hard to not let the 2014 result happen again. A poll was recently released by Gravis Marketing which found the following in regards to support for the initiative:

The Gravis survey asked all voters that participated in this poll; ‘If you were to vote today, would you vote for or against this constitutional amendment?’ 69 percent of those asked indicated that they would vote for the amendment, 23 percent stated they would vote against the amendment while eight percent were unsure.

“Another surprise in this poll shows the rapid changing of the voting segments opinion on medical marijuana,” concluded Gravis Marketing President Doug Kaplan. “One year ago when we asked a similar question, the state constitution measure was in danger of failing, as less than 60 percent of those polled would vote for it. Today, it appears that this ballot initiative is fairly on it’s way of passing. It’s amazing to see how much the public sentiment  has changed in the last 8 years.”

To be fair, polls were all over the place in 2014, with most of them showing the Florida initiative winning. I’m seeing the same poll results coming out this election cycle as well. The main takeaway from the poll is that there is very strong support for the initiative. However, that needs to be tempered with the knowledge that anything can happen between now and election day, and opponents are likely to pour enormous sums of money into Florida again to try to defeat the initiative. Get active in your area. Arm yourself with facts and statistics and educate voters. You can find out more at the United for Care campaign’s website.


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