New Survey Shows 51% Of Psychiatrists Would Prescribe Medical Cannabis

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According to a new survey published in the journal Psychiatrists, 51% of psychiatrists in the U.S. would prescribe medical cannabis given the right circumstances; only 37% would never prescribe it.

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The survey includes comments from the participants, and although numerous showed an inherent misunderstand of the medical properties of cannabis, many showed a clear understanding of how failed of a policy prohibiting cannabis has become, whether as a medicine or as a recreational, therapeutically substance; "Marijuana should be legal for all and should not require a prescription", stated one psychiatrist.

Another took a broader view; "I would legalize all drugs of abuse as the war on drugs is a failure, wastes money, is a threat to civil liberties, and funds narco-terrorism."

The study surveyed 1138 psychiatrists, 930 of whom practice in the US; also included were 109 psychologists, 163 nurse practitioners and 22 physician assistants. Roughly 30% of the respondents were 51 - 60 years old; 20% were 41 - 50; and 22% were 61 - 71. The minority (40%) live in a state where medical cannabis is legal.

Source: The Joint Blog