New York Senate Committee To Vote Tuesday On Medical Marijuana


Courtesy of The Joint Blog

New York marijuana

New York's Senate Health Committee will vote Tuesday on a proposal to legalize medical cannabis. According to Senator Diane Savino, the bill's primary sponsor, it has at least 39 supporters in the Senate, well more than the 32 needed to pass it and send it to the House.

If the Senate Health Committee approves the proposal on Tuesday, as is expected, it will go to the Senate Finance Committee before being up for a full Senate vote. In June, 2013, the state's Assembly approved legislation legalizing medical cannabis. The Senate version is slightly different, meaning the Assembly will need to sign off on the Senate's bill before it would head to Governor Cuomo for consideration.

If approved into law, the measure will legalize the possession and use of medical cannabis, and will established state-licensed dispensaries where qualified patients can purchase their medicine.

According to polling released in February, 88% of New York residents support legal medical cannabis.

Source: TheJointBlog.Com