September 24, 2010

NFL Team Suffers From Reefer Madness

September 24, 2010
nfl marijuana football von miller

Medical marijuana has long been proven to be an effective form of treatment for numerous ailments. While there are quite a few states that currently allow cannabis consumption for medicinal purposes, there are far more states that have yet to come on board. Voters in Arizona will have the chance this November to get on board, and legalize medical marijuana. Proposition 203 would bring legal protection to much needed Arizona residents, and it makes logical sense to support it.

However, a group called ‘Keep AZ Drug Free,’ which includes notorious Sherriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, is spreading false anti-marijuana propaganda. To make matters worse, the Arizona Cardinals are donating to the stupid hate mongers – $10,000 to be exact. This has led many to point out the obvious hypocrisy on behalf of the NFL, considering the fact that they are real close with the alcohol industry. Apparently it is OK to get totally hammered on booze, but sick patients can’t use a proven medicine to help alleviate their symptoms and suffering.

I am joining others in the medical marijuana community in supporting a full ban on the Arizona Cardinals. They need to realize that medical marijuana is not the ‘gateway drug law’ that conservatives claim. I would give anything to know if the owner of the Cardinals even knew what Proposition 203 was…or did the owner just hand out a check to his conservative buddy because ‘dope is bad.’ I hope people stand outside the owners office and protest this hypocritical, illogical behavior.


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