No Changes To Colorado Medical Marijuana Caregiver Rules


The Colorado Board of Health held a public testimony session yesterday which dealt with proposed rule changes to medical marijuana caregiver rules. Under current law, a person can be a caregiver for five medical marijuana patients, but can apply for an exemption if they want to grow for more patients. The exemptions are needed because not everyone knows how to grow medical marijuana properly, and the exemptions allow true cultivation experts to grow for as many patients as needed. The proposed changes would have capped the number of patients someone can be a caretaker for to just 10. Fortunately, those changes were shot down. Per The Cannabist:

indoor marijuana garden

The Board of Health voted 6-1 to delete a proposed change to the state rules for caregivers, who are designated to grow pot on behalf of medical marijuana patients.

The change came after hours of emotional testimony from mothers of children with epilepsy and other conditions treated with cannabis-derived oil. Many of the parents testified that they fear losing access to caregiver-grown pot treatments that aren't available in dispensaries.

The Colorado Board of Health did adopt new rules to obtain an exemption. The gardens that have an exemption have to been in close proximity to a dispensary. Hopefully the patient cap idea will become a thing of the past. For most growers, five patients is more than enough for a heavy workload. But for those expert growers that can grow for more than five people and handle the workload, they should be allowed to do so if they cause no issues. Otherwise patients have to pay high dispensary prices and/or go without the strains that help them the most.