September 25, 2013

No One Should Risk Going To Jail For Providing Medical Marijuana To Suffering Patients

September 25, 2013
medical marijuana patient florida cathy jordan

medical marijuana patient florida cathy jordanI received a very heartfelt e-mail from the Florida medical marijuana campaign. See below:

I watched cancer kill my dad. Many of you know what that’s like.

To be honest, it was horrifying to see someone so strong, so big in my life, waste away and in constant pain. My family felt helpless.

He didn’t want opiates, which just made him foggy and uncomfortable. The ONLY thing that worked to stimulate his hunger and ease his pain was marijuana.

No one should have to risk going to jail for providing medical marijuana to someone who needs it. Doctors should have the right to make this call.

It really is that simple.

I am trying to convince other potential large donors to get behind this campaign, but they want to know the grassroots support is there. They’re measuring our progress in signups, volunteers, and number of donations.

As such, we have a $15,000 end of quarter goal. We’ve raised approximately $2000 of it so far, so we have a long way to go in only 5 short days.

Please join me in supporting United For Care and contribute here today to help us make our end of quarter goal.

On behalf of my dad and the thousands of other people that have experienced the same thing, I thank you.

– John Morgan


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