North Carolina Senate Rules Committee Unanimously Passes CBD Bill

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Courtesy of The Joint Blog

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North Carolina's Senate Rules Committee has unanimously approved House Bill 1220, a measure which would legalize cannabis oil for medical purposes. The proposal has already passed the state's House of Representatives with an 11 to 2 vote, and now heads to the full Senate, where its passage would send it to the governor for consideration.

Under House Bill 1220, those with seizure disorders who receive a recommendation from a neurologist would be authorized to possess cannabis extracts that are low in THC and high in CBD, as long as they receive a registration card from the state's Department of Health. Neurologists would be authorized to dispense the medicine.

The bill also includes a provision that allows and encourage colleges in the state to produce cannabis extracts for the use in studying its potential in treating "intractable childhood epilepsy".

Source: TheJointBlog.Com