February 24, 2011

Oregon Medical Marijuana Under Attack

February 24, 2011
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There was a rally in Salem, Oregon yesterday to protest proposed changes to the OMMP. Here is a brief summary of all the bills that have been introduced so far this session:
SB 645: Allows employer to institute drug-free workplace for employees, regardless of whether employee has a card.

SB 646: Allows employer to expand drug-free workplace to bar use outside of workplace (current law does say employers do not need to accommodate use by cardholders in workplace).

SB 708: Directs law enforcement and Oregon Health Authority to develop system to identify more readily who is allowed to grow medical marijuana and where.

SB 777: Narrows conditions for which medical marijuana can be used; also requires patient to submit info about conditions every six months, instead of every year.

HB 2982: Requires criminal background check by Oregon Health Authority; bars those with felony drug convictions from receiving or using cards.

HB 2994: Bars grow sites within 2,500 feet of schools and churches.

HB 3046: Allows cooperatives to grow medical marijuana, but taxes them at 10 percent of profits, and half of money must fund program; in exchange, it bars growing other than by cooperatives, individual cardholders or caregivers. As revenue-raising measures, requires 60 percent majorities for passage.

HB 3077: Requires cardholders to be Oregon residents.

HB 3093: Limits possession of medical marijuana to one ounce.

HB 3129: Makes it easier for Health Authority to release information about growers and grow sites to law enforcement.

HB 3132: People convicted of specific drug crimes can’t get cards.

HB 3202: Removes caregivers from authorized list of growers, limits to individual cardholders or specific designees growing for no more than four; also has 1,000-foot limit from schools.

I don’t understand why people want to make changes to the OMMP. There is a reason that so many people are signing up for it; it is a solid program that is designed to be self sustaining. I always lament over state programs that don’t allow patients to grow for themselves. Some of these pieces of legislation are absolutely ridiculous — only possessing one ounce?? That is ludicrous.


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