Pardon Medical Marijuana Grower Aaron Sandusky


Even though the White House tries to ignore these petitions, we need to keep ramming them down the White House administration's throat. They can't ignore us forever!

aaron sandusky california medical marijuana grower white house petition

Pardon Aaron Sandusky(Case# CR12-00548 PA) A man currently in prison facing 10 yrs to life for growing medical marijuana

Aaron Sandusky was wrongfully indicted and convicted by the federal government for operating a medical marijuana dispensary in CA in which it is fully legal within the state.

Aaron was operating in accordance to state guideline. He was visited and reassured by FBI officials that he and his business were not of interest and could continue to operate. In Nov. 2011 he was raided by the federal government, charged and convicted without a defense.

It is our request that the President grant a full pardon to Mr. Sandusky on the ground that California has legalized medical marijuana and President Obama and his Attorney General, Eric Holder, had assured the American public that the federal government would not prosecute medical marijuana dispensary operators in those states where it was legalized

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