May 27, 2015

Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Bill Deserves A House Vote

May 27, 2015
pennsylvania marijuana legislature

pennsylvania marijuana legislatureA medical marijuana bill was passed recently by the Pennsylvania Senate. The bill is far from perfect, as most marijuana legislation is, but it is certainly better than no medical marijuana bill at all. Medical marijuana advocates and patients were very hopeful that the bill would pass in the Pennsylvania House as well. Even Pennsylvania’s Governor has expressed his support for the bill. However, it sounds like a handful of Pennsylvania Representatives are going to prevent the bill from even getting a vote in the House. Per Marijuana Business Daily:

Republican Rep. Matt Baker told several news outlets that he doesn’t intend to bring the bill up for a vote in the committee he chairs. Baker told reporters that the state shouldn’t sanction a drug that doesn’t have the backing of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

If that’s the case, then the bill may already be effectively dead, despite Gov. Tom Wolf’s repeated assertions that he thinks the bill can pass.

Wolf has already been vocal about his support for MMJ and pledged to do everything he could to get the bill through the House.

“I hope we can convince the right people to do the right thing,” Wolf told Fox 43.

You can contact Pennsylvania Representative Matt Baker at this link here. Mr. Baker doesn’t truly care about the FDA, he’s just using that as a delay tactic because he knows it’s not going to happen prior to the close of session. Contact him and let him know that is unacceptable. Make your voice heard. Share with him personal stories of how medical marijuana has helped. Share with him scientific studies that prove that marijuana is an effective form of medicine. Contact him early and often.


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