October 18, 2015

Pennsylvania Medical Society To Reassess Opposition To Medical Marijuana

October 18, 2015
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philly norml marijuana pennsylvania philadelphiaThe Pennsylvania Medical Society’s official position is that it opposes the use of medical marijuana in any form, for any reason. That is a stance that makes no sense, considering the growing amount of evidence that marijuana has medical value, in addition to the growing list of personal testimonies from patients who swear that medical marijuana helps them. Activists have been pushing very hard for medical marijuana in Pennsylvania, and a lot of progress has been made lately. All of this has resulted in the Pennsylvania Medical Society choosing to reevaluate it’s opposition to medical marijuana. Per Trib Live:

The Pennsylvania Medical Society will reconsider its opposition to using marijuana for medical purposes, starting by talking to its statewide network of physicians.

The group opposes legislation to legalize marijuana for medical purposes that passed the state Senate this year. But next weekend at its annual House of Delegates meeting, members will consider whether to support marijuana use in certain circumstances.

In-state advocates of legalizing marijuana for medical purposes welcomed the potential change.

As the article points out, a recent Quinnipiac University poll found overwhelming evidence for medical marijuana in Pennsylvania. Patients want it. Non-patients want it. Science says marijuana is medicine. I’m confident that when the Pennsylvania Medical Society talks to its network of doctors, the doctors will do the right thing and admit that medical marijuana is safer than pharmaceuticals, and that patients should be allowed to use it when it works. Anything short of that, and the Pennsylvania Medical Society should be forced to register as a political organization, because clearly they would not be making their decisions based upon sound medical practices.


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