December 15, 2015

Poll: Overwhelming Support For Medical Marijuana In Utah

December 15, 2015
utah marijuana

utah marijuanaUtah legalized medical marijuana in 2014. Well, sort of. Like many other states, Utah passed a ‘CBD-only’ medical marijuana bill. That means that patients aren’t allowed to consume whole-plant medical marijuana, nor can they grow it. For that matter, there’s no way for the patients to even legally buy CBD-only medical marijuana. Instead, patients have to break federal interstate drug trafficking laws to travel to state that has actual, real medical marijuana laws on the books, then smuggle the medicine back to Utah. That’s not true medical marijuana in my book.

There have been rumblings in Utah, with some bills introduced or talked about here and there to improve the medical marijuana law in Utah. Such a move would be supported by a sizable majority of Utah residents according to a new poll. Per Utah Policy:

Most Utahns favor legalizing medical marijuana prescribed by licensed doctors, a new UtahPolicy poll finds.

Some other states have allowed for the use of marijuana – in some form or another – to help ill patients, most often to alleviate the side effects of cancer chemotherapy.

Pollster Dan Jones & Associates finds in a new survey that 61 percent of Utahns favor legalizing medical marijuana.

Thirty-six percent oppose such legalization while only 2 percent don’t know.

The question that always pops into my mind when I read generic polls like this is, ‘What form of medical marijuana do people support?’ Do they support whole-plant medical marijuana consumption? Do they support all forms of consumption? Do they support home cultivation? Do they support a dispensary system? These are questions that I would love to see the results for broken down. There are suffering patients in Utah, and they deserve safe, legal access to medical marijuana via a true medical marijuana law.


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