August 14, 2012

Proposed Changes To Maine’s Medical Marijuana Rules Create Controversy

August 14, 2012
portland maine marijuana legalization

maine marijuanaA Legislative Hearing About Changes To Maine’s Medical Marijuana Rules Draws A Large Crowd

Hundreds of medical marijuana supporters attended a Maine legislative meeting to hear more about proposed changes to the state’s medical marijuana program according to local media outlet WABI5. I have watched Maine’s medical marijuana program from a far, and I could see a lot of this on the horizon, as it’s a lot of the same discussions that Oregon was having when our program was getting off the ground.

“Twelve plants is not enough, there’s mistakes that happen,” said Michael Pirruccello during the meeting. “What happens now, when somebody screws up, it screws everybody up. Because everybody’s running for clones. Everybody’s running to grow something. We just need a law that says this is a drug that has helped people.”

Some of the security rules are pretty ridiculous. “The security precautions here don’t make any sense,” said caregiver Jacob McClure. “The 8 foot fence, if you live in an inner city environment, you got neighbors everywhere, that might give you some security. An 8 foot fence where I live says ‘medical marijuana free for the taking.'” I personally feel that a fence requirement isn’t needed, it should be up to the grower. I have friends that live in very rural parts of Oregon, and requiring them to have a fence is ridiculous, especially one with a height requirement.

“Requiring a fence to be eight feet–most standard fencing comes at a height of six feet,” Rep. Deborah Sanderson (R) said according to the Maine Public Broadcasting Network. “Adding the extra two feet will increase the cost to an income limited person significantly.”

Sanderson also expressed her opposition to a rule requiring outdoor lighting triggered by motion sensors to increase security at a growing site.

“During the flowering phase, it’s my understanding for medicinal grade plants, they must have an uninterrupted, 12-on 12-off light cycle,” Sanderson said. “Motion detection lights can be triggered by the neighbor’s cat wandering through the yard or if in a remote area, any wildlife.” Above average knowledge of outdoor growing…I like it! I wish more politicians were that logical in their approach to medical marijuana policy.

The complete language of the proposed changes can be found by clicking this link. The Division of Licensing and Regulatory Services will accept written comment on the marijuana rule changes until Aug. 23rd at 5 p.m.


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