Protect Medical Marijuana Patients' Rights In Washington State


By Sensible Washington

Sensible Washington i502

Recently the Washington State Liquor Control Board - which is tasked through a budget proviso to give recommendations to the legislature for medical cannabis regulations - released their initial draft recommendations.

In these recommendations, the Board calls for:

  • The removal of a patient's right to cultivate their own medicine, as well as the removal of a caregiver's ability to cultivate cannabis for a qualifying patient.
  • Putting medical cannabis under a similar tax-structure as recreational cannabis (25% at three different stages, which would greatly increase prices).
  • Shutting down all collective gardens.

These changes would be a huge step backwards, are unnecessary, and would have a drastic impact on medical cannabis patients. Now, more than ever, we must stand up and fight for the rights of patients throughout the state, to assure that our medical cannabis law is protected.

We strongly encourage you to contact your district's lawmakers; if you click here, you can fill out a form which will instantly send an e-mail to your three district legislators, urging them to protect patients' rights - it only takes seconds.

You can also call the legislative hotline at 800-562-6000.