February 23, 2013

Protect People Who Use Marijuana As Medicine

February 23, 2013
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Federal Medical Marijuana Can congressBill Piper, Director, Office of National Affairs, Drug Policy Alliance

Last week, members of Congress introduced new legislation that would protect medical marijuana under federal law.

Write your representative in support of legal protections for medical marijuana patients and providers.

For years, federal authorities have waged a war on medical marijuana patients and providers. And, with your help, we’ve been fighting back every step of the way.

Now we have a chance to change federal law to ensure that the assault on medical marijuana comes to an end. The new bills in Congress would recognize the medical use of marijuana and protect patients and providers from federal interference so they no longer have to live in fear of arrest and prosecution.

With medical marijuana laws in 18 states and the District of Columbia and more public and Congressional support than ever, we’re in a better position to advance federal legal protections for medical marijuana. And this promising legislation in Congress is our opportunity to make a real difference at the federal level.

Urge your representative to safeguard medical marijuana patients who are simply trying to access the medicine they need.

Even as we make progress in ending marijuana prohibition more broadly, it is ever more important to ensure that people who use marijuana in states where it is only legal as medicine are fully protected.

It is appalling that the government is using our tax dollars to attack vulnerable patients and undermine state laws. Without a change in federal law, medical marijuana patients will continue to suffer — unless we come together and advocate for what’s right.

Keep the pressure on Congress to end the federal attack on medical marijuana.


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