Reserve Soldiers In Israel Can Use Medical Marijuana


Israel's medical marijuana policies are so much superior to those in the United States. Israel researches medical marijuana far more than the United States at a national level. Reserve soldiers in Israel can even consume medical marijuana if they are a registered patient. Per Times of Israel:

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The IDF has decided to allow reserve soldiers who hold a prescription for medical marijuana to continue to use the medication even while they are performing their active reserve duty, it was reported on Monday

The decision affects just a few hundred reserve soldiers, and the army has not published exact guidelines, leaving open the questions such as smoking in uniform or in the presence of other soldiers, where on a base it would be permissible to smoke, and whether marijuana use would be allowed during operations, Channel 2 reported.

This is something that I really wish the United States would do. Soldiers deal with all kinds of aches, pains, ailments, and a lot of soldiers suffer from PTSD. Medical marijuana helps all of those things. All of my military friends will talk about how much alcohol they consume. My best friend who served 15 months in Iraq is quick to point out that while alcohol was not technically allowed on his base, it flowed like water and was generally accepted. Unfortunately, the same was not true for marijuana. He came home on leave for two weeks, and was greeted with an empty cup to piss in the second he reported back to base to ensure that he hadn't consumed any marijuana while he was gone.