December 7, 2012

Safe Access Points In Multnomah County Oregon Unite To Form ‘A Collective Voice’

December 7, 2012
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multnomah county a collective voice medical marijuana‘A Collective Voice’ Seeks To Establish Reasonable Medical Marijuana Safe Access Regulations In Multnomah County Oregon

Oregon has a political landscape that is not like any other state I have been to or studied. A majority of Oregon’s population lives in the Portland Metro Area, and as a result, the Portland area steers a lot of the politics for the rest of the state. When it comes to marijuana politics, Multnomah County is very progressive. When federal letters went out harassing collective owners and their landlords, almost all of the county DA’s in Oregon co-signed those letters. Multnomah County’s DA did not.

It’s fitting then that Multnomah County safe access points lead the way on establishing medical marijuana safe access regulations at the least in their county, but likely beyond. Below is a message that I received from ‘A Collective Voice’ with a better explanation:

In a time when medical marijuana exists in an unregulated marketplace constantly under siege, a new coalition has been formed; made up of safe access points from around Multnomah County, Collective Voice seeks to provide a unified voice for Portland cannabis clubs and collectives.

Collective Voice’s main objective is to protect safe access through workable regulations. In addition to maintaining a dialogue amongst members, this coalition will serve as a vehicle to facilitate an open dialogue with law enforcement and policy makers. We understand that the status quo is unsustainable, and that our interest are best served by being proactive in helping to create policy, before our current situation becomes a problem for us all.

We believe that a Collective Voice in Multnomah County is key to long term stability; not only for us in the greater Portland area, but potentially the entire state of Oregon.

The current climate in Multnomah County has left us with a unique opportunity to lead the way in creating a legal avenue for patients to purchase their medicine. We will be working in conjunction with Oregonians for Law Reform (OLR), a political action committee with their ear to the ground in Salem. Teaming up with OLR will allow us to have a voice in the capital by bringing our concerns and our proposals directly to the legislature.

This Saturday, December 8th at 1pm Collective Voice will be holding a meeting at East Bank Saloon. Oregonians for Law Reform will be informing us about several medical marijuana bills that are currently sitting in legislative counsel, as well as getting our thoughts on what reforms we’d like to see moving forward.

We hope that you can make it, and hope that you bring a few friends who might be interested in adding their voice to our clarion call for change.


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