San Diego City Clerk Verifies Petition Signatures Effectively Blocking City Ban on Collectives


The Citizens for Patient’s Rights (CPR) and the Patient Care Association of California (PCA) and California Cannabis Coalition (CCC) are proud to announce that San Diego’s City Clerk has verified the required 31, 029 signatures on CPR’s petition referendum, effectively blocking the land use ordinance that banned medical cannabis collectives. The City Council now has ten days to either rescind the ordinance or schedule an election.

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In order to avoid the prohibitive costs of an election, the CPR, CCC and the PCA respectfully urge the San Diego City Council to rescind the March 2011 land use ordinance. If rescinded, the City Council has a second chance to not only create a new land use ordinance that respects the rights of patients to safe access but also work with the city’s medical cannabis collectives to provide clear guidance fifteen years after the passage of the Compassionate Use Act.

Final Stats From the Registar of Voters:

44,106 Signatures Turned In

40,753 Signatures Reviewed before hitting the valid signature mark

31,029 Valid Signatures

9,724 Signatures NOT Valid (of the 40,753 reviewed)

3,353 Signatures Not Reviewed

From the California Cannabis Coalition