April 18, 2013

San Diego Mayor’s Medical Marijuana Ordinance Published

April 18, 2013
San Diego medical marijuana bob filner proposal

San Diego medical marijuana mayor filner proposalThe City of San Diego published Mayor Filner’s proposal for medical cannabis regulation in the City of San Diego.  The proposal is based on the recommendations of the medical marijuana taskforce, organized by City Council President Todd Gloria in 2010. It allows medical cannabis dispensaries to exist in designated commercial and industrial areas of the city with large buffers from sensitive areas, including a 600 foot buffer from schools and parks and a 1,000 foot buffer between dispensaries.  The proposal also contains additional strict operating requirements including security systems, restriction on hours of operations and signage.

The response of the medical cannabis community has been overwhelmingly positive.  “We want there to be access in San Diego City,” stated Ken Cole, president of the United Patients’ Alliance, the trade association of medical cannabis distributors. “However, we also want operators to behave in a responsible manner, where the patients and public can feel safe and respected. Mayor Filner’s proposal provides both access to patients and enhanced safety to the community. ”

Bob Riedel, vice president of the United Patients’ Alliance, who formerly operated the only licensed medical cannabis dispensary in the county of San Diego, agreed.

“What the county enacted was a good start, but while it succeeded in creating oversight, it failed at the ultimate goal of giving patient access. Mayor Filner’s proposal achieves both – patient access and public oversight.”

While there has been speculation in the media about a possible public vote or referendum, medical cannabis collective operators dismiss this possibility.   “As long as the council respects the spirit and purpose of Mayor Filner’s proposal,” said Ken, “we see absolutely no reason this issue cannot be resolved our elected officials”.

The ordinance will be heard by City Council on April 22nd.  The United Patients’ Alliance, Americans for Safe Access and other allied groups plan to be present to give their testimony on what this proposal means for patients in San Diego County.    “We look forward for to the day when Cancer, MS, Aids, and all severe pain patients can have regulated access to affordable, natural, cannabis medicine in San Diego City,” stated Ken, “and, thanks to Mayor Filner, this day may soon come.”

Links to Mayor Filner’s Proposed Medical Marijuana Regulation Ordinance:

Memo from Councilmember Marti Emerald:

Summary of Ordinance:

Comparison with Current Municipal Code:

Current Zoning Map:

Previous Ordinance Zoning Map:

Memo from Councilmember Todd Gloria:

About the United Patients’ Alliance (UPA)

The United Patients’ Alliance is the professional association of medical cannabis providers in Greater San Diego.  We are an alliance of organizations dedicated to providing high quality cannabis medicine to patients in a professional, respectful, discreet and safe environment.  Our members hold themselves to the highest professional standards and are dedicated to making a positive impact on the communities they serve.  Our mission is to protect patients’ access to cannabis medicine by promoting the legal, safe and responsible operation of medical cannabis cooperatives and collectives.

About UPA President – Kenneth Cole

Ken Cole is the director of a local cannabis collective, as well as a cancer patient, who uses medical cannabis as part of his treatment for this disease.  As a former Olympic basketball player, a coach and motivational speaker, the pursuit of holistic health for himself and others has been a driving force throughout Ken’s life.  Through his own experiences with medical cannabis, Ken has become a true believer in its therapeutic value and is determined to make it available to other patients in need through safe and respectful dispensing environments.

About UPA Vice President – Bob Riedel

Bob Riedel has been a leader in the cannabis industry for many years.  As a cultivator of cannabis for over 20 years, Bob has developed hydroponic methods that set new industry standards.  In 2008, Bob founded Mother Earth’s Alternative Healing Cooperative, Inc., and introduced a pharmaceutical retail model that raised the benchmark on operating procedures.  Gathering a team of professionals in 2011, he was able to obtain the only license in San Diego County for a Medical Cannabis cooperative.  This facility became the “gold standard” and was toured by federal, state, and local politicians plus law enforcement.

Source: Americans for Safe Access, San Diego ChapterMake A Donation


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