June 15, 2015

Santa Ana Medical Marijuana Dispensary Raid Causes Major Controversy

June 15, 2015
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Late last week a video was released that showed a medical marijuana dispensary raid in Santa Ana, California. The dispensary operators had a feeling that they were going to be raided, so they set up a secret video camera just in case. Every raid video footage I see breaks my heart and makes me upset, but the video from this raid was particularly disturbing. Below is a description of the raid, via the Los Angeles Times:

An officer examines what appears to be an edible. On the video, he tosses it into his mouth and flashes a thumbs-up gesture.

The dispensary’s manager, Marla James, an amputee who uses a wheelchair, told KTLA-TV reporters that she was victimized and intimidated by police.

The video shows an officer asking another female officer, “Did you punch that one-legged guerita?”

The female officer replies, “I was about to kick her in her [expletive] nub.”

The Police Department that took place in the raid has stated publicly that they will investigate what happened. That’s the good part. The bad part is that the Department has not put any of the officers involved on administrative leave, and have already came out publicly that they don’t feel the video shows what truly happened at the raid. You know, because video footage of what actually happened isn’t enough…egads. Below is an edited version of the video that the dispensary’s attorney released:


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