June 10, 2013

Second Medical Marijuana Dispensary Finally Opening In New Jersey This Summer

June 10, 2013
new jersey medical marijuana

new jersey medical marijuana dispensary compassionate care foundationNew Jersey, notorious for having just one medical marijuana dispensary in the entire state, has issued a license for a second safe access point.

The New Jersey medical marijuana program is known as one of strictest in the nation, and because of this hundreds of patients are unable to procure medicine for themselves without relying on the black market. Currently, the single dispensary operating in the state serves 130 clients – but the waiting list is backed up for months, due to the high demand and small supply. Now, these patients, many of whom have already been waiting for months to access even just a small amount of medicine, are looking forward to the addition of a second location.

The new location, Compassionate Care Foundation Inc., is expected to open this summer. The Health Department has issued a permit for them to begin cultivation, and as soon as the crop is ready (an estimated 3 months), doors will open to new patients from across the state.

Although this may seem like a small victory, the increase of availability will alter the lives of hundreds of patients, drastically reducing the wait time for medicine that so many so urgently need.

Source: The Joint Blog


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