Senator Boots Veteran Out Of Committee On Marijuana Proposal


During the Senate Judiciary Committee on December 8, Senator Jones ejected from the Chamber an Iraq War veteran who was there to plead on behalf of soldiers for reasonable medical marijuana laws.

Veterans Urge the Trump Administration to Allow Marijuana Research

Watch the video- it is disturbing to see.

Senator Jones, the much-maligned former small town Sheriff who reportedly loves to say, "I'm Rick Jones, bitch!", took offense to Marine veteran Dakota Serna calling Sheriff Deputies "jack boots" and "thugs". His response was a quick gavel, a shouting match and a final declaration of disrespect.

During one exchange Serna said, "I fought for my right to testify, for free speech, and you are denying it."

Sen. Jones answered, "That's it. Goodnight."

Serna refused to leave until guards told him the proceedings would be shut down- and patient testimony halted- if he did not leave the chamber as ordered by Sen. Jones.

Sen. Jones himself has a history of wicked behavior that includes many incidents of name calling. The Senate Majority Leader had to apologize on Jones' behalf for remarks made about a female leader of the Tea Party in 2012; that year Jones also offended women across the state by calling the female head of a powerful Lansing public relations firm a "hooker."

One of these victims said, "And unless Jones receives strict consequences for his actions, the list of woman who are the victims of his bullying will continue to grow."

Not just women- medical marijuana patients, and veterans, too.


Original Article Source: The Compassion Chronicles