July 5, 2012

Senator Wants To Bring Medical Marijuana To Kentucky

July 5, 2012
Gatewood Galbraith Medical Marijuana Memorial Act

Gatewood Galbraith Medical Marijuana Memorial ActKentucky Lawmaker To Introduce The Gatewood Galbraith Medical Marijuana Memorial Act

Senator Perry Clark (D-Louisville) is holding a news conference today to talk about bringing medical marijuana to Kentucky. The proposed legislation will be called the “Gatewood Galbraith Medical Marijuana Memorial Act.” Kentucky Senator Perry Clark will be joined at the news conference by Galbraith’s daughter, Molly Galbraith, and other supporters of medical marijuana.

Louisville Democrat Perry Clark’s proposed bill would make cannabis a schedule II drug, meaning cannabis would be recognized as having legitimate medical purposes under Kentucky law.

“It’s time to start this conversation,” Clark said, according to WKU Public Radio. “You asked what chance does it have…the chances are that if the people get behind it and there’s a groundswell of support, then it could happen. Because it’s happened elsewhere through that same method.”

“Clark said he is promoting his bill some six months before the next legislative session in hopes of building support for it. A similar measure failed in this year’s legislative session.” According to SFGate.Com

If you are in Kentucky, get active! Write your Representatives and Senators. Hold signs on street corners asking others to do the same. Write op-eds to local papers, and when they are published online spread them as far as you can on social media. The winds of change are picking up in Kentucky!

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