February 11, 2013

Send Sam And Jim To The National Medical Cannabis Conference In D.C.

February 11, 2013
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Ellen Rosenblum And Jim Greig

Below is information about a very worthy cause. Please consider helping these two hardworking activists get to Washington DC for the Americans For Safe Access Unity Conference. Jim Greig is set to get an award, so he HAS to be there!!!! Go get ’em Oregon!

Welcome to Sam and Jim’s last minute blitz crowdfunding campaign page!

Let’s get right to the point. We are looking to raise $1,500 to purchase three plane tickets for Sam, Jim, and Doug (Jim’s aid) to fly to Washington D.C. on February 21st. (That’s in 11 days!)

Why do we need to go to D.C.? Great question!

It is imperative that we make this trip to Washington D.C. to represent Oregon in the largest patient lobbying day in cannabis reform history. The good news is we have both received scholarships to attend the Americans for Safe Access’ (ASA) National Medical Cannabis Unity Conference so our hotel and conference fees have been covered.

On top of that, Jim has not only been asked to speak in a workshop titled “Bringing Medical Cannabis Politics into the Mainstream”, but will also be accepting ASA’s Patient Advocate award!

As many of you may already know, we have known each other since 2009. Jim started mentoring me shortly after I started the University of Oregon Students for Sensible Drug Policy chapter. In 2010, Jim hired me to be the Young Adult/College Outreach Coordinator for the Measure 74 campaign.

Last year I teamed up with Jim to run a campaign to defeat former US Attorney, Dwight Holton, who was so adamantly anti-medical cannabis it resulted in his losing by 26 percentage points.

Currently we are working on a variety of campaigns to reform outdated cannabis laws in the state legislature, such as adding PTSD as a qualifying condition to our current medical cannabis program and a establishing a state regulated supply system for patients.

It is important that Oregonian’s are represented at this important national conference because we will be sharing our experiences and bringing back valuable information and insights from experts from across the country. There will be workshops on topics such as International Medical Cannabis Policy, Strategic Messaging and Spokesperson Training, Veterans, Fundraising for Grassroots Campaigns, and many more!

But seriously, what do you get if you donate, say 10, 25, 50, or 100 of your hard earned dollars to this campaign?


$10 – Our Graditude

  • We will give you a MASSIVE bear hug next time we see you!

$25 – A Thank you Call

  • We will personally call to thank you for your contribution. Nothing is more satisfying than hearing the voices of our supporters!

$50 – Hand delivered letter to your representative

  • Want to tell your legislator that you support medical cannabis reforms, but can’t make it to D.C.? Write them a letter and we will personally deliver it to their office in D.C.!

$100 – Social Media Consult

  • Do you have a Facebook or Twitter account you want help with? Donate a quick hundo and Sam will give you a FULL HOUR of his time to help you with anything social media!  (Includes Crowdfunding 101 advice if desired)

$250 – Strategic Campaign Consult

  • Thinking about launching your own social justice campaign, but don’t know where to start? No worries, Sam can help! This contribution gets you two with Sam and an actual strategic game plan outlining how to move forward!

$500 – The Savior

  • On top of receive everything all of the perks above, you get the satisfaction of knowing that you supported 1/3rd of the funding we need to make this trip a reality.


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