April 3, 2012

Serious Concerns Over Michigan Medical Marijuana Bills

April 3, 2012
state of michigan medical cannabis
state of michigan medical cannabis
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Michigan House Judiciary Committee Approves Four Bills

Last week, the Michigan House Judiciary Committee gave its approval to four proposals that would affect Michigan’s medical marijuana law. While the bills are much better in their current form than they were when introduced, there are still serious enough concerns that we oppose HB 4856 and will oppose HB 4834 and HB 4851 if they are not amended. Here’s a complete summary of the four bills in their current form, along with MPP’s view on each.

Write your state legislators now and ask them to amend these proposals.

Of chief concern is a provision that would give law enforcement officials access to registry information without a warrant. That said, it’s worth reiterating that the bills have been improved from their original language. For example, the circumstances in which police can access registry information, while still too broad, have been substantially narrowed. There are also positive developments in these bills, like lengthening the validity of an ID card from one year to two.

These bills still contain provisions that would compromise patients’ rights, so please ask your state legislators to amend or reject the most troubling of the bills. When you’re done, forward this to friends so they can do the same.

Bill Summery: http://www.mpp.org/assets/pdfs/states/Summary-of-House-Bills-4834-4851-4853-4856.pdf

Courtesy of Marijuana Policy Project


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