July 6, 2012

Should Grandma Smoke Marijuana?

July 6, 2012
Seniors Are Turning to Cannabis for Their Health

grandma marijuanaThe Silver Tour And Robert ‘The Tuna’ Platshorn Are Fighting To Bring Medical Marijuana To Florida

By Robert ‘The Tuna’ Platshorn

We are almost at the finish line. Our half hour TV show is now in edit. We have a few more scenes to re-shoot and a some technical work for the networks and stations that will carry the show. Since the government has at least temporarily, put a damper on my travels, I’ve had the time, but not the income to for the finishing touches. So our project is now up and running on Kickstarter.

If you’ve read my book Black Tuna Diaries, you know that the late great pitchman, Billy Mays, called me a “legend in the pitch business”. I was making infomercials, before they had a name. Millions have watched me tell my story in the hit movie, Square Grouper, on Show Time. I’m the guy who spent thirty years in federal prison for marijuana and I’d like to see that it never happens to anyone else.

Along with Walter J.Collins, one of America’s great award winning editor/producers, I’m producing a half hour TV show titled, “Should Grandma Smoke Pot?”. It’s top entertainment, it’s shocking and it’s an education, with heavy emphasis on medical marijuana. Endorsements for medical cannabis from popular authorities like Dr Oz, Dr Sanjay Gupta, Carl Sagan and Dr Andrew Weil sends a powerful message, especially to seniors. They are America’s most powerful voting block. When seniors talk, politicians listen.

Featured in the show are patients like Irv Rosenfeld who receives three hundred free marijuana cigarettes every month from the federal government to treat his tumors. The same government that says cannabis has no medical value.

I am not producing some sort of documentary for film festivals, a few TV airings or a theater run that will be seen by only a few hundred people who are already supporters, That has been done ad nauseum without noticeable results. A dozen great award winning films about marijuana have been made and seen by almost no one. They end up languishing on YouTube for activists to watch over and over.

The Silver Tour will air this show hundreds of times on national and regional TV in thirty minute infomercial slots on major stations and networks. One network has cleared the show for airing and they love the concept. Two more networks have asked to see the finished show. It will be aired repeatedly in states that have legalization or medical marijuana bills on the ballot this year. Most important, our viewers will actually learn from legal experts how the law can be changed and what to do to quickly end the madness of cannabis prohibition.

That’s where you come in. The show is almost finished and all is fully paid to date by contributors who are working for legalization. We need another $5,000 to edit, do the voice overs, add closed captioning, lab work and produce high quality copies for broadcast.

With your support, this old pitchman will work his magic one more time to end marijuana prohibition in America. Even the Wall Street Journal, when they witnessed the magic of my live Silver Tour show, became believers and published a front page story. As did CNN. Click the link and see the magic for yourself.

Please Go To Kickstarter and give us a great kick off. Take a look at the great gifts for supporters. You could get a U.S. Government Medical Marijuana can or be listed as an Executive Producer of ‘Should Grandma Smoke Pot.’

should grandma smoke pot silver tour


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