February 21, 2012

Signature Gathering Begins For Compassionate Use Dispensary Regulation And Taxation Initiative

February 21, 2012
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san diego medical marijuanaProfessional Signature Gathering Begins For Compassionate Use Dispensary Regulation And Taxation Initiative In San Diego

Citizens for Patient Rights is pleased to announce that starting on Presidents’ Day, February 20th, we began our paid signature gathering effort for the Compassionate Use Dispensary Regulation and Taxation Initiative to ensure safe, well regulated, access to medical marijuana in San Diego City.

Signature gatherers with petitions for the Compassionate Use Dispensary Initiative can be now be found in front of major supermarkets and retail stores around San Diego City. We urge our supporters to sign these petitions.

We will need 62,057 signatures for our initiative petition in order to qualify for the November ballot. We will have until May 22nd to gather these signatures.

We have full confidence that we will qualify for the November ballot, having recently completed a signature gathering campaign for a referendum initiative to overturn a severely restrictive ordinance within thirty days. In the referendum effort, we saw the overwhelming public support, as we succeeded in submitting over 15,000 additional signatures above and beyond those needed to qualify our referendum within the thirty day window.

We are confident that we will prevail in enacting fair regulations that meet the needs of patients, caregivers and the community at large through the direct democracy process.

The Compassionate Use Dispensary Initiative has also received many prominent endorsements, including that of California NORML, the Coalition for Cannabis Policy Reform, Dan Rush (international director of the medical marijuana division of UFCW), Congressman Bob Filner and Assemblymember Tom Ammiano. More prominent endorsements are expected soon, as we begin our endorsement push in the upcoming weeks.

For more information on the campaign, please visit our website at www.citizens4patientrights.org.

Fun Presidents’ Day Facts: President George Washington grew hemp. President Lincoln smoked “sweet hemp” and medical marijuana was commonly used to during the civil war era to treat chronic pain. We believe that Presidents Washington and Lincoln could fully embrace the regulated, lawful, distribution of medical marijuana in San Diego City!


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