July 6, 2012

Signatures For Arkansas Medical Marijuana Initiative Turned In

July 6, 2012
Arkansas medical marijuana

Arkansas marijuanaArkansans For Compassionate Care Turns In Almost 70,000 Signatures For Medical Marijuana Initiative

Arkansans for Compassionate Care submitted 11,000 pages petitions Thursday that they say have 67,885 signatures on them to get a medical marijuana initiative on the ballot. To make the ballot, Arkansans for Compassionate Care must submit 62,507 valid signatures from registered voters. The Arkansas Secretary of State’s office has 30 days to verify the submitted signatures.

Melissa Fults is Arkansans for Compassionate Care’s campaign treasurer. “I got very emotional when I wrote “Arkansans for Compassionate Care” because that’s what this is about. It’s completely about being compassionate.” Melissa Fults told Arkansas News. “We have a woman who had cancer surgery and in 3 weeks she was out getting petitions because she needs this medication.”

The initiative would allow up to 30 medical marijuana dispensaries in Arkansas, and cities and counties may choose to install dispensary bans. Conditions which qualify for medical marijuana include chronic pain, glaucoma, Hepatitis C and those who are terminally ill. If Arkansans for Compassionate Care doesn’t have enough signatures after the verification process, then they have an additional 30 days to gather more signatures.

This would be such a major moment for medical marijuana in America, considering which part of the country Arkansas is located. If you are in Arkansas, keep gathering signatures! Validations rates tend to land between 52-65 percent, so there are many more signatures that will no doubt be needed. What an exciting time to be in Arkansas, GO GET ‘EM!


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