Signatures To Fight San Diego Marijuana Dispensary Regulations Due Today

Dispensary dispensaries san diego medical marijuana

Friday is the deadline for opponents of recently passed regulations of medical marijuana dispensaries to turn in petition signatures they have been collecting according to The California Cannabis Coalition, which is leading the signature drive, reportedly had collected more than 40,000 signatures by last weekend.

The CCC is gathering signatures to force the City Council to decide whether to repeal, or put the issue to a public vote...again.

The restrictive zoning and public safety ordinances, passed on April 12, confine dispensaries to light industrial and commercial zones in the city of San Diego, at least 600 feet from residences, schools and other sensitive areas.

Operators are required to get a conditional use permit, which could take thousands of dollars and as long as two years to obtain.

The regulations are a de-facto ban on marijuana collectives, allowed under state law by Proposition 215, which voters passed 15 years ago.

More than 31,000 valid signatures are required to force the City Council to decide whether it wants to repeal the regulations or put a referendum on an election ballot. They expecting some of the signatures to be disqualified upon review.