February 23, 2016

Stanton Municipal Medical Cannabis Ballot Measure Campaign Announcement

February 23, 2016
stanton california marijuana

stanton california marijuanaFor those who want verification aside from the word document, I believe one can do a public records check with the city clerk for the documents if one wishes.

On December 22, 2015 the Stanton City Clerk returned the Stanton City Attorney’s Title and Summary of Stanton Patients Access PAC’s initiative. Next week we will be publishing a legal notice of the title and summary & notice of intent filed with the city clerk to comply with the Elections Code and should begin collecting the signatures in early March.

Speaking about the municipal ballot initiative launch, campaign strategist Jason Aula said:

“Currently the City has a ban on medical cannabis, and since the City of Stanton has dropped the ball on the MMJ policy so much, this is a prime chance for Stanton to lead the way on this policy and set municipal precedent across the state. This measure will set unprecedented municipal regulation in CA aside from the policy the City of Berkeley has in place. The history of Stanton is commercial rooted in the principles of capitalism. The green rush has come to Orange County, considering Stanton is a red city we want to show conservative cities support medical cannabis too!.

‘With our campaign “dream team” mobilized we have Stanton resident Rubi Arellano as the proponent, prominent medical cannabis attorney Matthew Pappas, and Jason Aula as the campaigns political consultant.

“As a field campaign strategist, according to the county voter rolls about 13,000 people in Stanton are registered to vote. The strategy here to be frank is we are going to try and empower about 1-2 thousand new registered voters to sign this petition enabling them to participate in all elections in 2016. We are going to get them registered to vote in 60 seconds of less and give them to option to consent to vote by mail. Since this is a non-partisan issue it is up to the person to select a political party preference if any. We need about 1300 signatures to qualify for the ballot although the magic number for me is 1950. We would likely elect for the regular election in November because of voter turnout and casual voters that have the highest chance of coming out to vote in a presidential election year.”

Here is some of the precedent setting language included in the law:

Medical cannabis transaction fees.

Every monetary transaction between a Medical Cannabis Facility and a Qualified Patient or Primary Caregiver shall be subject to a fee of ten percent (10%) of the total amount of the transaction.  It shall be the responsibility of the individual who obtained the business license on behalf of the Medical Cannabis Facility to collect, record, and submit the City of Stanton all such transaction fees.  All transaction fees shall be reported and paid to the City of Stanton not less than every 90 days after the issuance of the business license to the Medical Cannabis Facility.  All transaction fees collected by the City of Stanton shall be directed as follows: (a) 50% to the City of Stanton general fund, (b) 25% exclusively to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, and (c) 25% exclusively for use in schools located in the City of Stanton.



The Voters of the City of Stanton hereby expressly request that this initiative ordinance be set for a special or regular election at the earliest time allowable by law.

Police procedures and training.

  1. Medical cannabis residential cultivation shall not require a use permit for qualified patients to cultivate medical cannabis in their residence or on their residential property.

Quality Assurance and Labeling.

Medical Cannabis and Medical Cannabis Products and Edibles shall be tested, and specified compounds shall be quantitated, as set forth in this Section.

  1. The following compounds shall be quantitated as set forth in the following table, using equipment and methodologies with limits of detection for all compounds no greater than 0.1% by weight, or 1 mg/g.
THCAHPLC1, or GC2 with derivatization
THCHPLC, or GC with derivatization
CBDAHPLC, or GC with derivatization
CBDHPLC, or GC with derivatization
CBNHPLC, or GC with derivatization
1 High-performance liquid chromatography

2 Gas chromatography

  1. The quantitative information required by subdivision A shall be printed on labels for all Medical Cannabis, Medical Cannabis Products and Edibles as set forth in the following table.
Product typeLabel information
Cannabis (flowers, leaf and concentrates)% by weight and mg/g
Edibles (other than beverages)mg/package or mg/serving if applicable; nutritional and allergen information as required by the CDPH for cottage foods
Oils, butters, tinctures (for internal consumption)weight/volume


Topicals (external application)mg/g or mg/mL, as applicable
Beveragesmg/container and mg/serving, if applicable; nutritional and allergen information as required by the CDPH for cottage foods.
  1. Medical Cannabis, Medical Cannabis Products and Edibles shall be tested for contaminants as set forth in the following table. Medical Cannabis, Medical Cannabis Products and Edibles that contain more than the permissible levels may not be provided to any Member or any other person, and shall either be destroyed or returned to their source(s).
ContaminantTesting methodologyPermissible amount
PesticidesGC-MS1, Elisa2100 ppb (total of all pesticides)3
Microbiological contaminants• AOAC4 986.33• APC5 < 100,000 CFUs6 (Plating only),
• AOAC 997.02 (Milk and Dairy Standards)• Yeast/Mold = APC<10 CFUs (Plating only)
• AOAC 991.14• Coliform ≤ 1,000 CFUs (Plating only)
• PCR7 or Petrifilm• Pseudomonas ≤ 1,000 CFUs
• PCR or Petrifilm• Salmonella = 0 CFU
• PCR or Petrifilm• E. coli = 0 CFU (PCR)
Residual flammable solvents (concentrates only)Head space analysis400 ppm (total of all solvents)8
1 Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry

2 Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay

3 Parts per billion

4 Association of Analytical Communities

5 Aerobic plate count

6 Colony-forming unit

7 Polymerase chain reaction

8 Parts per million


  1. Baked goods, such as cookies and brownies, shall be exempt from testing for contaminants. These products are still subject to testing for potency, as required for the label information in this section, and must use medical cannabis that has been tested for contaminants.

   Medical cannabis for low income Members

  1. At least 1% (by weight) of the annual amount of Medical Cannabis provided by a Facility to all Members, shall be provided at no cost to very low-income Members who are Stanton residents. This amount shall be calculated every six months, based on the amount dispensed during the immediately preceding six months. Medical Cannabis provided under this Section shall be the same quality on average as Medical Cannabis that is dispensed to other members.
  2. For purposes of this Section, income shall be verified using federal income tax returns or other reliable method approved by the City Manager.
  3. For purposes this Section, “very low income” shall mean the household income established by the most recent annual City Council resolution that establishes the maximum income levels for qualification for exemption from specified local taxes and fees.

Source: Campaign press release


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