Stop Federal Attacks On Medical Cannabis In Southern California


There are some alarming things going on in Southern California. I received the following e-mail late yesterday:

stop dea raids medical marijuana michigan

Dear Johnny,

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) served ten federal search warrants and raided at least one medical cannabis facility in the City of San Diego, CA, today - just one day after the City Council voted to move forward with regulations for safe access in the city! Federal attacks like these are holding back progress on implementing medical cannabis laws, and Americans for Safe Access (ASA) is calling on members and friends to support efforts to end this kind of federal interference and intimidation once and for all. See pictures from today's raid on ASA's Facebook page.

Ask your Representative in Congress to support HR 689, the State's Medical Marijuana Patient Protection Act by Rep. Earl Blumenauer (Dem-OR), which will require the DEA to respect state medical cannabis laws.

Local and state governments are working hard to implement and regulate medical cannabis nationwide. We need federal law enforcement to back off and let them do their jobs. Cities like San Diego are trying to find a solution that works for patients and the community-at-large, but the DEA has repeatedly raided and closed gardens and access centers there. That makes it almost impossible to find a model that works. HR 689 will give local and state governments the breathing room they need to find models that work.

Thank you for helping,


Steph Sherer
Executive Director

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