December 23, 2015

Tell Senator Grassley To Give The CARERS ACT A Hearing

December 23, 2015
Senator Chuck Grassley marijuana
Senator Chuck Grassley marijuana
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The CARERS Act would do a number of things to help suffering patients that find relief from using medical marijuana. Cannabis Radio has a petition circulating calling on Senator Chuck Grassley to schedule a hearing for the bill. So far the biggest hurtle to the bill has been Senator Grassley’s lack of movement. If Senator Grassley continues to drag his feet, he will basically kill the bill. Below is more about the petition, which can be signed at this link here:

People have fought for, and given their lives for democracy. People have fled other countries while fearing for their lives for the opportunity to live in a democratic society. This is what our forefathers dreamed of. A land that would be free of tyranny. A country where the system actually works.

The CARERS ACT would allow States to decide what is legal regarding medical marijuana, but Sen. Grassley who chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee must schedule a hearing for it to have a chance. This was co-sponsored by numerous legislators. For democracy to work, a hearing is needed. Ask Sen. Grassley to be an American, and give this ACT its hearing.

I’ve seen what happens when the Committee heads just don’t schedule a hearing. Important legislation dies. The hopes for people who are sick and in need of a safer medicine and alternative to pharmaceuticals…is thrown out with the days trash.

If the trump card lies in the Committee head not scheduling a hearing…then we believe the voting public should know too that it was because this hearing wasn’t scheduled that their epileptic children still have limited options for treatment. That cancer patients who seek a gentler treatment can’t do so without the risk of being treated like a criminal.

For the many, many patients of ailments that would be too long to list we implore you to please give THE CARERS ACT a hearing. 


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