April 14, 2010

The First Medical Marijuana Weekend Seminar In New Jersey

April 14, 2010

We just got this and figured we would pass it along for all the people out there in Jersey:

Harmony Foundation, in Association with Greenway University, is Holding First-Ever in New Jersey Educational Seminar Dedicated to the Medical Marijuana Industry

Cliffside Park, N.J.: The New Jersey state legislature passed the bill S119 legalizing medical marijuana on January 18, 2010. Harmony Foundation (non-profit organization), in association with Greenway University, is starting to hold educational seminars which will cover everything needed to know about the medical marijuana / cannabis industry.

In the next six months state Health Department must decide who will be permitted to open “Alternative Treatment Centers” (ATC), how medical marijuana should be tested, in what communities it should be sold and to design rules and regulations for the New Jersey medical marijuana industry.

A lot of people in New Jersey are looking for information about becoming a qualified patient, licensed caregiver, how to open ATC and etc. The knowledge about the new law, marijuana research, cultivation and culinary techniques are crucial for the new industry. Starting a new business is always challenging and overwhelming, and taking into consideration, that New Jersey law is most restrictive in the nation, anyone who is interested in this industry must have professional education, consulting and high quality training for the medical marijuana / cannabis industry.

Deciding to help patients with debilitating illnesses, future entrepreneurs, health professionals, advocacy groups, insurance companies and other interested in the new industry, Harmony Foundation, in association with Greenway University, is holding seminars, to empower with all necessary information for safe and compliant access for medical marijuana / cannabis industry. Leading industry experts will provide all information related to the medical marijuana industry and current legislation. Seminars will include these topics: current state of the MMJ industry across the US; different uses of medical marijuana for patient use; standardization of medicine & quality; cultivation techniques for growing medical marijuana for patient use; business solutions for the medical marijuana industry.

Medical marijuana industry offers employment and other new opportunities for non-profit organizations, entrepreneurs, health care professionals and advocacy groups.

About Harmony Foundation:

Harmony Foundation is a non-profit organization, which was formed to help patients, NJ Health Department and other interested groups to implement the new law in time and stay compliant with current state and local legislation and standards for the medical marijuana / cannabis industry.


Lina Polyakoff, director of public relations

Harmony Foundation Company




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