'The Secret Cup' Is This Weekend In Southern California


This weekend in Southern California a fantastic event is taking place - The Secret Cup. Between this event and the Cannabis Cup in Denver, it's truly a magical time to be a marijuana fan and consumer. Sadly, I won't be at either event. However, that doesn't mean that you can't! Below is information about the Secret Cup (Click here to buy tickets, use promo code 'WeedMaps710' and general tickets are only 10 bucks!):

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What began as a private competition between the truly elite has now become a celebration of underground art and artistry that is taking the world by storm. Don't let this be a secret anymore, come find out what everyone is whispering about, join us for an evening of expression and entertainment. See the latest in lifestyle brands, popular hat and shoe companies, experience the highest quality concentrates, checkout LIVE graffiti art, be amazed by all kinds of functional glass art and even a LIVE glass sculpture demo.

Join the 710 community in Southern California for a private party and concert. Also celebrate with the winners of the 1st annual SoCal Secret Cup Regionals! 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will be invited to compete in the nationals in December.

We have secured an amazing venue for the party and concert. Although we can't release the location we are able to tell you that we are building on the success of the Heal The Nation Bash and bringing that experience to you.

The Secret Cup is the first competition created by, run by, judged by, and created for hash makers. We seek to raise the bar across the board and across the country with friendly competition among our peers.

We were partially inspired by the Jean Claude Van Damme movie "Bloodsport," the story of a secret martial arts competition at an undisclosed location that saw the world's best fighters come and fight it out until there was only champion. In the same way the winners of this competition will represent the SoCaL region in the ultimate hash battle and will win the ultimate prize, the chance to take home "The Belt" for a year, the respect of their peers, and the title of "Champ" until we do all this over again.

The Secret Cup LA event will consist of two portions:


A gathering/reunion for Sponsors & VIP members in the community & the location of all testing/voting - NOT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC
(all details below)


This is a concert / award ceremony for all interested members of the 710 community - open to the public
(all details bellow)

Secret Cup Competition Details:

  • This event will take place over the coarse of 2 days at a private and exclusive VIP residence and will not be open to the public, but vendors and sponsors will have access. The house will be open from the 20th to the 25th. All samples are due by the end of the night on the 21st and will be brought to the VIP house the next day. Testing and voting will take place here and will be concluded by the end of the night on the 22nd. All samples will be available here for testing, U WILL NOT GET PERSONAL SAMPLES! There will be sponsors. Various tools & other items will be provided by these companies.
  • There will be filming at this location, with a small highlight video to be shown at the awards show before the results are presented.
  • Anyone who wants to remain anonymous will be able to avoid filming areas and/or use an alias & disguise that will be provided.
  • ALL COMPETITORS WILL BE INTERVIEWED!!! following completion of their voting and asked to explain how and why they voted, same rules for anonymity apply
  • The goal is to have a totally transparent voting process.
  • Anyone who misses or cannot take part in any part of this process will have their vote eliminated and potentially risks their vote being given to another member of the community
  • The results will be announced on March 23rd at the Secret Cup Awards Ceremony.
  • The house will remain available for relaxation until the morning of the 25th.

Secret Cup Awards Ceremony & Concert Details:

General Admission

  • This will be a party and concert at a separate location. It is a huge venue.
  • There will be various vendors and sponsors at this event. There will be various products and services for sale at the event! Anything from glass companies to clothing companies to collectives and much more
  • We ask that you please be ready to SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS AND VENDORS AT THE EVENT! Without them we could not put on the type of party we want to bring to you and the more you support them the more they will succeed and then maybe SPONSOR AGAIN. We want all of our sponsors to have huge success at the event!
  • There will be food and drinks for sale.
  • There will be a glass competition (Best Oil Rig) at the party as well. There is a $100 entry fee, and your entry must be available for use at the event at one of the vendor booths. You may pre-arrange with a booth or we will link you with one at the event. You must attend to your entry until the voting is over. First place will win a prize. We take no responsibility for any lost, stolen or broken pieces.
  • There will also be various DJs performing throughout the event along with some MAJOR HEADLINER ARTISTS/DJ's at the end of the night!
  • There will be plenty of tables and chairs setup for people to use.
  • Doors will open at 4pm and we hope to be finished up by 2am.

VIP Admission

  • There will be a VIP area for sponsors, vendors and VIP guests. This area will have free drinks and food. It will be more private and there will be less noise than the main area where you can meet and greet all the performing artists and sponsors involved.
  • There also will be a limited supply of VIP tickets sold that will come with a special goody bag! As well as access into the VIP areas.
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