November 30, 2014

TJ’s Organic Garden Donates To Help Children Suffering From Epilepsy

November 30, 2014
tj's organic garden vancouver washington

tj's organic garden vancouver washingtonSome of the biggest beneficiaries from medical marijuana are those that suffer from extreme epilepsy. It’s a condition that many children have to deal with, and unfortunately, few of them get safe access to non-psychoactive medical marijuana due to reefer madness. Non-psychoactive medical marijuana does not get kids high,despite some fear mongering comments by anti-marijuana advocates. There’s a medical marijuana company in Vancouver, Washington that is seeking to help out hundreds of kids that are suffering from extreme epilepsy. I am always happy to highlight people doing amazing things like this in the cannabis industry. Per Whaxy:

TJ’s Organic Garden is offering up free medicinal marijuana to children suffering from epilepsy. TJ’s owner Jim Murphy says that they are aiming to supply about 500 children with the non-psychoactive medicine at absolutely no cost. Murphy said, “To be part of the fix is pretty special. It’s a payment within itself.”

The look on Jim Murphy’s face says it all; he’s proud to be helping suffering children. It seems that it’s Murphy’s sense of social responsibility that beckoned his generous donations. “It would be wrong of us not to do so,” Murphy says.

There are way too many greedy people in the industry that it’s not always common to see someone doing something like this. They could be dedicating the same time and resources towards their bottom line, but they would rather do good things for the most needy people – children. Kudos to you TJ’s Organic Garden! Keep up the good work!


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