July 13, 2012

Top 25 Medical Marijuana Strains For June 2012 Infographic

July 13, 2012
batman kush marijuana x change corporation

batman kush marijuana strainWhich Medical Marijuana Strain Was The Most Popular In June 2012?

By Big Buddha

Ranked by number of grams sold – these are the 25 most popular medical marijuana strains for June 2012.

As Blue Dream remained atop the medical marijuana harvest as the biggest money maker, for the for first time in several months, the individual grams of Blue Dream purchased by medical marijuana patients over the last four weeks, outweighed the powerhouse Sour Diesel.

As a general observation… it would appear that these two summertime Sativas have separated themselves from the pack; as no other strain has topped the $200,000 mark.

However, if when one accounts for all the varieties of the OG Kush strains that proliferate the shelves of collectives today, probabilities are good that the hugely popular Indica dominant strains will be making a play for top honors in the months to come.

Additionally, the fastest cultivator of popularity this month was Purple Diesel while Romulan agonized with the largest drop in sales. As one can easily see this plant’s popularity won’t shrink, or die in face of adversity. The medical marijuana industry is constantly spreading out its roots, cultivating new understandings, and thriving in the face of recent adversity:

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SOURCE:Marijuana.com News


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