May 7, 2011

Top Grade Marijuana Strain Reviews

May 7, 2011
Super Sour NYC

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By David Burton

L.A. Confidential

As you would expect from any cannabis hybrid named after a James Ellroy novel, L.A. Confidential is complex, intense, and leaves you sitting in a corner muttering, “Rollo Tomasi.”

Unlike a James Ellroy novel, the L.A. Confidential strain is small: Cultivated for indoor growing, it grows low to the ground and its buds — deep green interlaced with rich tan strands – tend to grow not much larger than a small Christmas bulb. It emits a powerful pine aroma reminiscent of the best Humboldt strains.

L.A. Confidential is not for the faint of heart. It packs a powerful, almost psychedelic punch to the head— a quality enhanced by its decidedly soporific effect on muscles and nerves. Fans have cited the strain’s dreamlike high as a good remedy for insomnia: This reviewer found the buzz way too interesting to drift off to sleep. But I did completely forget that miserable neck ache that had been bothering me for days, giving credence to reports that it’s the perfect remedy for tension headaches and shoulder pain.


The signature strain of South Coast Patient Center in Santa Ana, Bullrider is a monster in every regard. Bred for quality over quantity (the plant grows to just about 2 feet and produces small yields), this heavy-hitting sativa lives up to its namesake: A couple of hits and you’re in for one wild 2-hour ride.

The first thing you’ll notice about is its powerful smell: earthy sweet and robust, reminiscent — for the older aficionados among you – of those early Buddha Thai buds of the late ‘70s. The second thing will be that the buds are heavy and moist, having what one fan described as “a serious stickiness to it.” That’s all that THC just waiting to come out — and that’s what makes Bullrider an excellent product for serious pain management. Just don’t plan on doing anything afterward involving sharp objects.

Purple Erkel
Purple Erkel

Fans often use words like “unusual” and “exotic” to describe this powerful indica strain, given its sugar-frosted lavender appearance and bitter-sweet taste so unlike garden-variety cannabis. We just call it God’s gift to herbal medicine.

Spelled variously as Purple Urkel, Urkle, Erkle or — where we found it — Erkel, the clone-only strain is often called Humboldt Purple up north where it originated. One look at the small, rounded buds and you’ll know why – the purple-grape-leave colored leaves are a wonder to behold.

More wondrous is the mellow body high it produces: Languorous and syrupy, without a hint of paranoia. All of which makes it an outstanding remedy for loss of appetite, nervousness and insomnia.

Bubba Kush
Bubba Kush

For folks who enjoy that sweet Kush buzz but don’t’ feel like being glued to the couch for hours, this is the Kush for you. Bubba produces a rich and mellow high, but the effect wears off fairly quickly — making it the perfect strain for the discerning cannabis lover on the go.

Vivid green both in appearance and taste, nugs are shot through with dark orange strands and positively sugar coated with crystals. Unlike L.A. Confidential, BK really is a great remedy for insomnia, not to mention a subtle and nonintrusive treatment for mild muscle and joint pain.

Super Sour NYC

We picked up this gorgeous-looking, skunky bud solely because it looked and sounded like the great NYC Sour Diesel strain. Since then, we’ve been trying to figure out how SS NYC is any different than NYC SD — and we can’t. By every conceivable measure, Super Sour NYC is exactly the same NYC SD.

Not that that we’re complaining. Like NYC SD, SS NYC smells and tastes heavenly, produces a deep, paranoia-free high that peaks after about two hours, and is just what the doctor ordered for headaches and hangovers.

Hindu Kush

The original Kush — and by that, we mean original: Reputedly one of the world’s oldest indica strains, it has garnered an almost fanatical following among those who just can’t get enough of its hash-like taste.

We like the taste, too, as well as its high THC count — as much as 20 percent high. Its nutmeg taste gives way to a relaxed, full-body stone, characteristic of the best indica strains. It’s a perfect way to keep your presence of mind while easing sore joints, PMS cramps and stomach upset.


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