July 18, 2012

‘Truth In Trials Act’ Allows A Fair Trial For Medical Marijuana Patients In Federal Court

July 18, 2012
medical marijuana

medical marijuanaThe ‘Truth In Trials Act’ Would Create An Affirmative Defense In Federal Court For Medical Marijuana Patients

US Representative Sam Farr (Dem-CA) has just introduced the “Truth in Trials Act” (HR 6134), legislation that will finally allow medical cannabis defendants a fair trial in federal court. Americans for Safe Access (ASA) is committed to promoting this bill and protecting the rights of patients, cultivators, and providers; but we need your help right now to do it. Can you take a minute to ask your US Representative to co-sponsor and support this bill?

HR 6134 allows people facing federal prosecution for medical cannabis-related offenses to introduce evidence showing they were in compliance with their state’s medical cannabis laws. It is hard to believe that this is not allowed right now, but federal judges do not allow evidence about state laws in federal court. That leaves federal defendants with little or no defense — even in cases where they obeyed the state law! That is unfair, and if adopted, the “Truth in Trails Act” will change it.

The bill will create an “affirmative defense” for federal medical cannabis defendants. That is crucial for the 100 million Americans who live in the seventeen states and the District of Columbia where medical cannabis is already legal. The bill will also protect law-abiding property owners who rent to medical cannabis tenants. They have recently been targeted for civil asset forfeiture cases by the US Department of Justice and also have no defense under current law.

ASA is uniquely poised to take up the battle for the “Truth in Trials Act” in Congress. This bill is about fundamental fairness and the integrity of our courts. We can fight that fight and win, even if it takes a long time to do it. But we need help from people like you to make it happen. Please send a message to your US Representative right now, and then make a special donation to support ASA’s federal advocacy work.

Thank you for doing your part. I look forward to working with you to pass the “Truth in Trials Act”!

Download ASA’s Fact Sheet on the “Truth in Trials Act”
Download a copy of Sam Farr’s “Truth in Trials Act”


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