March 15, 2015

United States Government Could Change Medical Marijuana Program Location

March 15, 2015
Federal immigration bill hatch marijuana growing

Federal immigration bill hatch marijuana growingThe federal government has been growing marijuana for a long time for medical purposes at a university in Mississippi. It’s always been something that activists have pointed to as an example of federal marijuana policy hypocrisy. The federal government’s official position for when marijuana policy applies to the rest of society is that marijuana has no medical value. But of course when it applies to the federal government, marijuana has a lot of medical value, which is why there is, and has been for decades, a medical marijuana program at the University of Mississippi.

The contract between the federal government and the University of Mississippi has been renewed a lot of times, but with an expiration of the contract coming up soon, people are pointing out that times are changing. Will we see the federal government shake things up? Per Marijuana Business Daily:

The United States government has for decades run a marijuana farm at the University of Mississippi, but now it seems that the contract to run the farm is up for grabs.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) “could choose to move the farm elsewhere” after the contract with the university expires on Sunday, according to the International Business Times.

Until now, the university’s contract has been renewed like clockwork every half decade, and the Times grants that it could very easily happen again. But on the other hand, there are now cultivators in numerous states who are in a position to give the university a run for its money.

The federal medical marijuana program’s very existence is a slap in the face to every medical marijuana patient in America, because the program highlights just how illogical federal medical marijuana laws are. Where is the compassion for the suffering? We should have a system that helps patients get their hands on medicine so that they can get better – ALL patients. They should be able to grow it themselves, or designate someone to do it for them if they aren’t able. And if they don’t have any options to cultivate it, they should be able to purchase quality medicine at a quality price from a retailer. Period.


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