Upcoming Medical Marijuana Meetings in Sonoma California

Medical Marijuana

We've got two important meetings going on Thursday 4/7 back to back:

First Thursday Monthly, April 7th 5pm
99 west 6th Street @ Wilson, Railroad Square Santa Rosa
Refreshments Provided

Thanks to all who came out to last months meeting, they seem to be getting
larger in attendance, with more information to squeeze in. Thursdays
agenda includes updates from Scott Feil's federal case, as well as local
court cases, review of State Legislation that will effect patients with
progress on the employments rights bill, Recent DEA raids in California &
Montana, Santa Rosa 's considering amendments to their MCD ordinance,
National Cancer Institute acknowledges medical cannabis and more. Come be
a part of the discussion & let us know how you'd like to help make a


SAMM and Sonoma ASA are very excited to announce that we will be hosting
another round of film screenings of the movie “What if cannabis cures
Cancer”. Our February series had current & former city council members in
attendance, we met many patients who had their own testimonials, and even
doctors come to educate themselves on the benefits of cannabis with
We were overwhelmed by the positive response & request to do more
showings, they were standing room only, even in the pouring rain.

We’d had requests to host screenings in over a dozen locations, both local
& out of state. We would love to put the word out there, by having them
all, but we need to be realistic on our limited resources, and want to be
sure each screening is a success. That’s why we need your support!

We are hosting a meeting for everyone who’s interested in volunteering to
put on another series of screenings. This will be our opportunity to meet
one another face to face, and go through all the steps it takes to put it
on. It took three of us to coordinate four events (not to mention DOZENS
of donors and individual supporters), it’s going to take a much bigger
team to if we want to see more. How would you like to contribute?

First Get together of Volunteers for the film series will be on
Thursday April 7th at 3pm
99 West 6th Street @ Wilson in Railroad Square, Santa Rosa
Refreshments Provided

(It’s a red brick building on the north west corner with a small parking
lot in front. Free parking in lot and on surrounding streets. Classroom is
towards the left.)

Look for the signs for the ASA meeting (it’s taking place there afterwards
at 5pm)

There are tons of ways an individual can help:
Volunteer night of the film
Help set up the screenings
Pass out Fliers for the events
Be the Headliner/main contact for one of the locations
Lend a laptop or projector for an evening

And there are lots of ways an organization or collective can help:
Donate Refreshments for one of the showings
Sponsor an ad in the Bohemian or Press Democrat
Purchase copies of What if cannabis cures cancer
Distribute fliers to your members
Send an email with show times & locations to your contacts
Rent a space for the movie to be shown

Some of the locations we are considering are: Guerneville, Sebastopol,
Santa Rosa , Sonoma , Napa , Yountville (Veterans Home), and Oakmont.
Do you know someone who’d be interested in working in one of these areas
on the event?
Or do you have a team of people willing to work on a location not listed
Invite them too! Feel free to forward this email. Everyone is
welcome to the meeting next week.

If you are unable to make the meeting but are still interested in
contributing in some way, please let us know how you’d like to help. It’s
a group effort to make this possible!

Thanks in advance for your support, I look forward to seeing you there!
Sarah Shrader, Sonoma ASA
sarah@safeaccessnow.org 415-756-4587