Update From Florida's 2016 Medical Marijuana Campaign


I received the following message from the Florida medical marijuana campaign that I figured I'd pass along:

united for care florida medical marijuana

Every day, the Florida Supervisor of Elections updates the count of VALIDATED petitions for the medical marijuana amendment.

Each county has 30 days to validate what we've submitted and then submit that number to the state.

To date, over 43,259 have been validated - which means we have only 639,890 to get on the ballot (and roughly 28,154 to trigger Supreme Court Review).  Earlier in the month, we submitted over 100,000 petitions to be validated.

We can get on the ballot and be Amendment 1 for 2016 - but we need to get our petitions in and fund the rest of the petition drive.

Download/Sign/Print the petition here.

Contribute to the petition drive here.

Thanks for your support.

Raymer Maguire
Deputy Campaign Manager

United for Care