Update From Medical Marijuana Patient Who Was Booted From A SF Hospital For Using A Vaporizer

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Angel Raich Was Wrongfully Kicked Out Of A SF Hospital For Using A Vaporizer

Angel Raich posted the following on her Facebook page:

I am moving out of the Bay Area this weekend! I am moving to Sonoma to live on a beautiful ranch/Sanctuary! A very good friend who owns it will also be my caregiver when it's time for me to pass! The ranch has plenty of rooms for friends to rent and come visit for more than a day when needed. She is a blessing! The ranch has horses, pool, hot tub, garden area, and much more! It's very peaceful... Sirens will be replaced with the sound of birds & wind chimes!

I am not going back to USCF after what they did to me!! UCSF won't let me get treatment there, and kicked me out!! I give up on medical care now! I am no longer fighting to become better!! Now, i just want to live until I dye! No more medical care as before! Doctors already told me several times i am dying & there's nothing they can do!

So there is no longer a need for me to stay here or living in SF. I have many friends from East Bay who will come visit! Some will even get to join us up there for the music with amazing Artists!

I plan to get a couple new doctors who can do a better job of managing my overall & end care! Not at the University level! Except my neurologist at Stanford for now. Even doctors who are closer to me don't seem to understand what Radiation Necrosis is and about! I need a doctor who's smart as a whip! Some places even the nurses know what radiation necrosis is! What's the hardest is all my UCSF doctors looked me in the face a few times telling me I am dying and now after UCSF kicked me out they seem to be in CYA mode! Which I already knew so glad at least they said the words. UCSF is now trying to change my seizure diagnosis, prior to them kicking me out, they said needed the EEG to determine the different types of seizures I am having!!! What's next? Will they take the Necrosis away? Last week one of the UCSF doctors say you are sicker than anyone they seen medically, and she said you are dying but I don't know why... CYA moves are so apparent!

They are attempting to change my diagnosis to suit them in the law suit! If they aren't careful I will release my medical records to the public! The truth is on my side, and at this point I have nothing to lose!!!! Nothing at all, nothing at all to lose!! If I am late on a seizure pill I feel seizures coming! So do others around me! The seizure meds help but it's just not the right drug and I can't take the others! So Its like having a wet bandaid, it works but barely sticks!

I am getting rid of all my personal things to transition before I transcend! I plan to have as much fun as I can take in! Lots of music!! I have started creating my bucket (strikes out) adventure list!

I only have to redo my durable power of attorney and re edit my will... Other than that I am ready! So my end of life team has now been changed to life support team! It's nice having a supportive team!! I look forward to being peaceful in nature! Hope you can come visit!!! We plan to have a BBQ so friends can come see where I am planting my roots in the dirt to stay earth bound as long as possible!!

Thanks to my rocker family who stepped up! And Thank you Marc, who's my new arc angel! I am blessed to have people who really care about me as a person!!! The real me inside!!

I have already saying goodbye to some people I cared deeply about!! I have let those of you go who can't face what's happening! I forgive those of you who don't believe I am dying, and I forgive those of you who have my medical records before you, yet you fail to see! I forgive all of you who can't being yourself a to visit me because I already walk in both worlds! I forgive those who have a different view on how death should happen or where it should happen! I plan to due at home with those who really care about me! I forgive myself for not choosing my own life instead I followed my destiny, which can be lonely & painful!! I forgive your weakness, and hope you find your strength in your roots! I forgive those with little faith. I forgive the pain from those who broke my heart! I have decided to seek other form of advanced medical research to prove all those who doubted and did not believe in me!! I love you all inspite of it all!! IXo