Massachusetts Senator John Keenan Lacks Compassion For Suffering Patients

Massachusetts Medical Marijuana regulations public hearings

Vote No On Question 3, Medical Marijuana, Says Senator Keenan

I came across the following video and message when I was on YouTube today. The same things were said in Oregon in 1998 before we passed the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act, and guess what, the sky is still in tact! I encourage all readers to leave comments on the video, as well as contact Senator Keenan to tell him how you feel about his illogical stance on medical marijuana:

Vote No On Question 3, medical marijuana in Massachusetts, urges Senator John Keenan, Co-Chair, Joint Committee on Mental Health and Substance Abuse. The law proposed under ballot Question 3 is "vague, ambiguous and wide open for exploitation." There would be too few safeguards to keep the drugs away from our youth.