May 16, 2012

Washington Town Committee Votes To Ban All Safe Access In City Limits

May 16, 2012
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fist cannabis jointHelp Keep Safe Access In Kent, Washington

A Kent, WA committee has recently voted to ban all safe access points to medical cannabis within city limits. The full council will vote to finalize this on June 5th.

Let your voice be heard, and let them know about you feel about this; e-mail

This is yet another sign that while the American public understands the benefits of cannabis more than ever, our elected officials continue to ignore basic human compassion.

This ban also ignores intelligent reasoning. For example; medical cannabis collectives reduce, not increase crime. Banning safe access to medical cannabis will only encourage an increase in the dangerous black-market, put local individuals out of work and reduce accessibility to much-needed medicine for sick individuals.

It also smacks of being excessively power-hungry, and blatantly ignores the will of Washington State voters, who overwhelming voted to legalize medical cannabis in our state over a dozen years ago.

On the city level, banning safe access to medical cannabis is illegal, and worthy of a court challenge. As our co-founder and Chair Douglas Hiatt put it recently at Kent’s committee meeting; “Work with us, don’t force us to sue you. Don’t make me go file for an injunction. Show some compassion. What you’re trying to do is wrong”.

Kent is far from the only city in the state of Washington dealing with this. For example, Bellingham is dealing with excessively forceful raids happening to collectives that are clearly following state law.

These are clear examples of why, more than ever, we must continue to fight for cannabis law reform, standing up full force against the injustice of prohibition. Our elected officials cannot be allowed to dismiss the will of our citizens.

In cities like Kent and Bellingham, we’re running city-wide initiatives in an attempt to change local prohibitionist culture. As well as making cannabis the lowest enforcement priority in these cities, they would prohibit these cities from cooperating, in any way, with the federal government over the implementation of federal cannabis policies.

Beyond these local initiatives, we continue to spread en masse the necessity of ending cannabis prohibition, and continue to build our infrastructure and volunteer base. Together, we can achieve a repeal to adult cannabis prohibition in our state.

A stand must be taken. Change must come.

But, none of this is achievable without help. More than ever we need people, just like yourself, to support us in moving cannabis law reform forward.

In other words;

Get involved!!

Whatever it is you may want to help with, whether passing out fliers, gathering signatures or coordinating at the organizational level—we want to hear from you!

We greatly appreciate your support and efforts. Never underestimate the power of spending even a small amount time being a cannabis law reform activist.

We need you. You can make a difference.

If you want to get involved, let us know. If you have any questions, let us know. E-mail

Source: Sensible Washington


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