February 10, 2012

What Is The Alabama Medical Marijuana Coalition?

February 10, 2012
Alabama medical marijuana coalition

Alabama medical marijuana coalition

The Alabama Medical Marijuana Coalition Is Fighting Everyday To Make Medical Marijuana A Reality In Alabama

Alabama Medical Marijuana Coalition is an organization dedicated to the rights of patients. Its primary focus is organizing individuals and groups in the common goal of changing the laws concerning medical marijuana for patients in Alabama. It is the position of AMMJC that excessive government regulations infringe on the physician’s ability and the patient’s right to properly treat their ailment. It is our goal, through aggressive legislation, community involvement and education to end these infringements and protect the rights and liberties of all Alabama patients.


Christopher Butts
Co-President/Board Chair

Chris is a 42 year old father of three. He is employed as the production manager of a commercial printing firm in North Alabama. Because of his past battle with opioid pain pill addiction he now chooses to use marijuana as his primary pain management agent, despite being labeled a “criminal”.

Ron Crumpton
Co-President/Executive Director

Ron is a 44-year-old father of one. He suffers from Spinal Stenosis because of injuries he received while serving in the United States Navy. Doctors treated his condition with high levels of Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs), which caused the perforation of his ulcers requiring two surgeries. Five years later, he had to have 40% of his stomach removed.Ron has experience with lobbying the Alabama Legislature. He has testified to the joint hearing of the senate and house judiciary committees on sentencing reform, and he speaks with members of both houses of the legislature on a regular basis. Ron is an advocate, not just for medical marijuana patients; he is an advocate for all patients.

Jody Parker
Vice President

Jody Parker is a 32 year old father of three and has been a medical marijuana activist for many years here in Alabama. He deals with alcoholism, depression, and osteoarthritis on a daily basis. Though he is prescribed several different medications he chooses to alleviate his suffering with a safe and natural substance. He has a close family member who is terminally ill with cancer and he has seen first hand the medical benefits of marijuana. Jody feels that if doctors in Alabama are able to prescribe dangerous narcotics, then there is no reason why they should not be able to recommend something that has been proven to be a much safer alternative.

DJ Butts

As a Mother of three and an activist/organizer at heart as well as a former preschool teacher. DJ has made herself available in all facets of marijuana reform and has worked with “Mom’s for Marijuana International” for the past year. She’s a chronic pain patient and has been diagnosed with Lupus (SLE). DJ chooses to use Medical Marijuana to help with the debilitating symptoms that accompany Lupus and to offset her opiate intake. She, like millions of others who choose a safe natural reliable medicine, is considered a criminal in her home state.

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