January 9, 2012

What Is The ‘Kannabis Project’?

January 9, 2012
kannabis project medical marijuana

kannabis project medical marijuanaLearn More About The Activist Organization That Is Trying To Reform Marijuana Policy In Kansas

While I was posting an article about medical marijuana in Kansas, I came across an organization that is fighting for marijuana policy reform in Kansas and had to help bring awareness to their cause. After all, that’s what we are about here at TWB! Here is more info about the Kannabis Project copied below:

The Kannabis Project is working with Kansans of every variety to push forward legislation to legalized medical cannabis. We proudly support Representative Gail Finney and HB 2330. Kannabis Project launched a statewide effort on April 20th, 2011 with a day of action to demand that Kansas House Speaker Mike O’Neal allow a hearing on House Bill 2330 to legislate medical cannabis. Speak O’Neal assigned the bill to the Health & Human Services Committee. The Voices of Kansans were heard–Committee Chair Brenda Landwehr has committed to hearing the bill in the 2012 Legislative Session.As the 2012 session of the KS Legislature unfolds, check back for frequent updates or ‘like’ us on Facebook for instant information. With your involvement, Medical Cannabis for Kansas in 2012 is a reality!

Here is a link to the Kannabis Project blog

Here is a link to testimonials from their page

Here is a link to Kansas HB2330


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