February 18, 2012

What Is The Patient Care Association?

February 18, 2012
Patient Care Association

Patient Care AssociationThe Patient Care Association Helps Medical Marijuana Patients

The PCA was formed as a result of an overwhelming need stemming from: (i) an uncertain regulatory and legal environment affecting everything from the very legal status of store-front collectives, to landlord-tenant rights, to the uncertain nature of federal intervention, (ii) the absence of an industry-wide body serve as a political voice and to speak to elected representatives and government agencies, and (iii) the need for an organization that promotes and encourages the industry to act and operated in the best interests of all stakeholders. The PCA is committed to addressing all of these needs while ensuring our organization adheres to the same high standards we expect of our Member Collectives.

The PCA is also committed to rationalizing the confusing and combative environment in which legally sanctioned Collectives must operate in San Diego. The first step we have taken to achieve this goal is to form the PCA. Until now, Collectives were largely isolated actors operating alone and in fear of not only their own government but also criminal elements. The organization’s main reason for existence is to improve the relationship the medical cannabis community has to the larger governmental and non-governmental organizations in San Diego.

One of our key objectives is to provide a singular, authoritative voice from collectives within the medical cannabis community, to government officials at all levels, and the larger community. In addition, we have established a code of ethics, best practices guidelines, and, most importantly, accreditation and certification processes designed to implement and provide ongoing monitoring for the aforementioned.

  • Over 60 Collectives implementing professional standards throughout the industry
  • Serving greater than 46,504 verified patients (1)
  • Providing safe access to over 3,375 patients daily across the City of San Diego
  • Employing over 1,486 FTE people directly and indirectly within City of San Diego(1)
  • Members pay over $3,100,000 in annual taxes to the state and local government.
  • Members pay an estimated $151,680 in rent monthly, (over $1.8 million annually).

Mission – To protect patient’s access to medicine by promoting the legal, safe, and responsible operation of Medical Cannabis Collectives.

Objectives – In order to improve patient services and to protect member Collective rights, the objectives of the Patient Care Association of California are to:

  • Ensure member Collectives’ interests are represented at all levels of government
  • Support member Collectives in achieving and maintaining the highest operating standards
  • Encourage Member Collectives to engage in community outreach and education
  • Providing Member Collectives with value-added goods and services at more favorable terms than they would otherwise achieve.
  • Facilitate member Collectives interaction with other patient organizations and collectives.

Code of Ethics – PCA members agree to operate their collectives to the highest professional standards. As a PCA member, each collective will strive to adhere to general best-practice operating guidelines set forth by the PCA and generally listed below. As a result, our Member Collectives:

  • Operate in the best interests of patients and the medical cannabis community.
  • Follow all laws of the State of California under the Compassionate Use Act of 1996, SB 420, and adhere to the Attorney General’s Guidelines.
  • Adhere to the Best Practices guidelines and operating standards established by the PCA


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