March 17, 2012

What Is The ‘San Francisco Campaign For Safe Access’?

March 17, 2012
san francisco marijuana

san francisco marijuanaSan Francisco Campaign for Safe Access

San Francisco has been a sanctuary for medical cannabis since 2000. The Mayor and Board of Supervisors need to stand with the medical cannabis community during this new federal campaign of intimidation and attacks on safe access in the city of San Francisco. To take action saving safe access in San Francisco, click here.

San Francisco United is a coalition of patients, activists, dispensing centers, and concerned citizens who have joined together to promote the need for safe access in San Francisco. The federal government is using a series of tactics to shut down safe access across the state of California and the rest of the country. The most recent attempts include sending threat letters to government officials and landlords leading to the shut down of dispensing centers across the state, including San Francisco. Safe access to medical cannabis is in jeopardy, and we need our leaders to take a stand for safe access!

San Francisco United and the medical cannabis community have developed a list of asks. The patient and provider community are calling on the Mayor and Board of Supervisors to take the following actions:

1. Direct the City Attorney and all city agencies to refuse any request for information about our medical cannabis program which isn’t available by public request, unless under the direction of a subpoena. Furthermore, require city agencies that receive requests from the federal government to convey that information to the Board of Supervisors and the Medical Cannabis Task Force.

2. Introduce and pass an amendment to Article 33 establishing a emergency plan to re-permitting any MCD closed as the result of federal interference but that was otherwise in compliance with local law and in good standing with SF-DPH

3. Introduce and pass an ordinance to direct the City Attorney’s office to file an enthusiastic Amicus Brief in support of American For Safe Access’ petition to reschedule marijuana, (ASA v. DEA).

4. Introduce and pass an ordinance directing City Attorney’s office to join the States’ Petition to Reschedule Marijuana. Be the first City and/or County to join this multi-state effort and send a strong signal to the state of California that they should follow San Francisco’s lead!!

5. Introduce and pass an ordinance to direct the City Attorney’s office to join ASA’s 10th Amendment NDCA Lawsuit Seeking To Stop Feds Medical Marijuana Crackdown (ASA c. Holder civil complaint.)

6. Follow up the Board’s Feb. 8, 2012, letter to President Obama pursuant to Ordinance #297-06 to more appropriately reflect the circumstances of DOJ interference in our local medical marijuana laws and to make clear that these investigations are neither welcome nor warranted!


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