March 15, 2012

What Is The ‘Union Of Medical Marijuana Patients’?

March 15, 2012
union of medical marijuana patients

union of medical marijuana patientsThe Union Of Medical Marijuana Patients Is Located In Los Angeles

The Union of Medical Marijuana Patients (UMMP) is a not-for-profit civil rights organization based in Los Angeles, CA. Through aggressive legal and political action in association with education and counseling on compliance with state law, the Union is devoted to defending and asserting the rights of medical cannabis patients. With a philosophy of personal growth and responsibility, the Union supports patients, their member organizations, and the cause of freedom across our country.

The UMMP is currently wrapping up its flagship case against the DEA regarding the landlord letter campaign. The case has been in mediation for the past year. During this time the UMMP has fined tuned its model of a legally compliant medical cannabis patient association, and completed its self regulatory product AgSite Secure to ensure all Californians using medical cannabis, and forming patient associations have the opportunity to do so with a clear and unambiguous understanding of the law.

The Union of Medical Marijuana Patients is committed to sensible regulations for patient associations and their dispensaries, responsible actions of patients and cooperation with law enforcement. Our mottos are “Respect the Medicine; Respect the Patient”, and “The More Rights you Assert, The More Rights You Have.”

For more information: 213/626-2730 or [email protected]


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