May 7, 2011

Will Delaware Legalize Medical Marijuana

May 7, 2011
Dont mess with Delaware

Dont mess with DelawareWill Medical Marijuana Come To Delaware?

Yesterday, after the close of business, the Delaware House passed MPP’s medical-marijuana bill, which will protect seriously ill patients from arrest and license three or more nonprofits in the state to sell marijuana to these patients.

Because the Delaware Senate passed a similar bill on March 31 and the governor has expressed his support, it’s highly likely that Delaware will become the 16th state to protect marijuana-using patients from arrest and jail.

State by state, we continue to move toward the goal of enacting medical-marijuana laws in a majority of states. Right now, we’re on track for legalizing medical marijuana in 27 states by November 2014.

But, to get to this number, we need to run ballot initiatives in a few tough states on Election Day in November 2012 — namely in Arkansas, Idaho, Missouri, North Dakota, and Ohio.

We need to start signature drives in these states right away. Because we’ll be incurring costs for these campaigns every month between now and November 2012, would you please consider starting a monthly credit card donation with MPP today?

Here’s what it will take to reach $100,000 in monthly credit card donations — which is a whopping $1,200,000 per year — to make this ballot-initiative juggernaut a reality.

Looking at the math above, you’ll see that if only 970 people in the entire country donate between $5/month and $2,000/month, we can generate the $100,000/month that’s needed for this plan.

Please donate $10 or more on your credit card today so that we can start this handful of signature drives and put the “27 states by 2014” plan into action. Thank you …

This was also sent, but in a separate e-mail:

Thrilling news! Yesterday, the Delaware House passed SB 17, in a 27-14 vote. The bill now goes back to the Senate for concurrence on House amendments before heading to the desk of Governor Jack Markell.

MPP’s Karen O’Keefe, director of state policies, and Noah Mamber, legislative analyst for Delaware, were in Dover to assist with the floor debate. Several patients joined them.

SB 17, sponsored by Sen. Margaret Rose Henry (D-Wilmington), would allow the compassionate use of medical marijuana for chronically ill Delaware patients with their doctors’ recommendations. It would include tightly regulated, extremely limited distribution of medical marijuana by licensing three not-for-profit compassion centers, one in each of the Delaware counties.

This is a significant triumph for seriously ill patients in Delaware, and we couldn’t have done it without your support. Thanks so much to all of the committed Delaware patients, health care professionals, and activists who took the time to call and write their legislators in support of the bill. With any luck, we’ll be posting again soon to announce that Delaware has officially become the 16th medical marijuana state!


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